Technology Tools For Teachers

by Matt

I’m always interested in learning about the tools and resources other educators are using. In the spirit of sharing, this post contains a selection of my favorite and most often used technology tools and resources.


What can I say, I am totally biased and I hate dealing with problems!

  1. 27″ iMac
  2. 17″ MacBook Pro
  3. iPad (1st Generation)

If I were a new teacher, I would spend my own money to have a MacBook, a Document Camera, and a Multimedia Projector. I think these are essential tools all teachers should have at their disposal!

Software and Web 2.0 Tools:

  • DropBox: I love how this simple tool lets me backup and sync files across multiple computers and access my documents anywhere from the web. Can you say, “No more flash drives!”
  • Google Docs (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, Forms)
  • Gmail (Email, Calendar, Video Chat, Phone, Sites, Docs)
  • Google Voice: Get a free phone number and voicemail. Forward calls to your phone or access online. Great way to add a “professional”, yet non-school number for parents to contact you.
  • 1Password: Never have to remember your passwords again.
  • iShowU HD or ScreenFlow: Screen recorders for making tutorials or demonstrations. Simple and powerful.

My Websites

For making websites, I use the following resources:

What tools do you use? Share below!

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