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by Matt a safe place for classroom videos just announced their new area designed specifically for teachers to use in schools and with students. According to an article on

The new teachers site is part one of two big initiatives on the part of YouTube geared towards educators. In the next couple of weeks, a bigger announcement will be made about huge changes that will address many of the concerns teachers have had about using YouTube videos (you know what they are). Stay tuned for more news in two weeks.

Getting Started

Under the Getting Started Tab on the front page of you can find several areas that will help you as a teacher get started.

Create a Channel

This section contains a screencast walking you through the 5-step process of creating your own channel. There are also text based directions to help you.

Ways to Use YouTube

Under the Getting Started tab on the front page, there is a helpful list of 10 Ways to Use YouTube in Your Classroom:

  1. Spark lively discussions
  2. Organize all the great video content you find
  3. Archive your work
  4. Allow students to dig deeper into a subject
  5. Get struggling students up to speed, and push strong students ahead
  6. Review for upcoming exams
  7. Create a YouTube center in your classroom
  8. Create quizzes to accompany videos for instant feedback
  9. Create interactive video quests
  10. Flip your classroom
  11. With each of these suggestions there are example videos and “how to” directions to help get you started.

Types of Videos

This section explains and provides samples of different types of videos you or your students can create:

  1. Screencasting
  2. Live
  3. Animated
  4. Student created videos (of all of the above types)

Video Production Tips

This section offers Video Production Tips and tutorials that include:

  • Lighting tips (including green-screen)
  • Audio


This section offers a selection of web-based, Mac-based, and Windows-based tools that you or your students can use to create screencast videos.


This section explains the three levels of privacy YouTube videos can have:

  1. Private
  2. Unlisted
  3. Public

Do you plan on using in the classroom? Leave a comment below!

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