BlueSofaMedia.com is a teaching blog focusing on innovation, creativity, student engagement, professional development and technology integration.

Who are you?
My name is Matthew Callison. I have been working in schools and teaching in Northern California since 1998. I was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2007 for the way I effectively use technology to reach students in new and different ways. At my school I am known as the teacher who “doesn’t have any desks” (not entirely true) and who has a sofa in his classroom (entirely true).

I believe that being a teacher is a process more than a product. I must continually learn new things and grow as a human being and as a teacher to be effective at helping others learn. It has taken me years to become more comfortable and confident as a teacher and there are days when I still feel brand new.

Four of my beliefs about teaching and learning are:

  1. Teaching is a process of building human relationships.
  2. Classrooms should be centers of research (formal and informal) and reflective and innovative practice. Innovation requires experimentation with new ideas and approaches.
  3. Pretty much everything about “education” in the United States must radically shift to meet the needs of ALL our children in the 21st century.
  4. While teachers and schools do need to continually improve, poverty is the (often unspoken) underlying cause of what we call “the achievement gap.”

What is BlueSofaMedia.com?
BlueSofaMedia.com is a platform for me to share things that work well for me, with my students, in my classroom. As a recovering perfectionist, this blog is a way I can push myself to share things “as is”.

Why is it called BlueSofaMedia.com?
We live in a time when you can connect with people from around the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home. I like the analogy of a sofa being the center of teaching and learning. When I connect with global colleagues and expanded my horizons as a teacher and learner I am most often sitting on the blue sofa in my living room.

How often do you post new articles?
My goal is to post at least one new article each week. I would love to put things up more quickly, but for now, my goal is to post some type of new article each week.

I have plans for several ongoing series of articles as well. In the works are a series of articles that deal with classroom organization, blogging in the classroom, cooking in the classroom, podcasting in the classroom, working with English learners, and building a positive classroom community.

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