Classroom Technology Integration

12 Resources for Teaching Computer Science and Programming in K-12

Teaching Computer Science (CS) is one way to help students of all ages to learn more about systems thinking, creative problem solving, design, art and aesthetics, writing and storytelling, and other 21st century skills. This article includes 12 resources (curriculum guides, lesson plans, student activities and games, programming apps and tools) to help any K-12 […]

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Use Google Calendar to Make Sign-up Forms

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Last week I posted an article about how to use to two FREE web 2.0 services to create online sign-up forms for parent-teacher conferences, classroom volunteers, and so on. Google recently updated their FREE calendar that is included with their Gmail (email) service. Using Google’s new “Appointment Slots” feature in their calendar allows you to […]

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How To: Making Online Sign-Up Forms

So many of the procedures we use to contact and make appointments with parents are inefficient and extremely time-consuming for both teachers and parents. One very helpful way to integrate technology into your classroom is by using technology to make more efficient use of your time. Even if your school is committed to staying in the […]

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Technology Tools For Teachers

I’m always interested in learning about the tools and resources other educators are using. In the spirit of sharing, this post contains a selection of my favorite and most often used technology tools and resources. Computer What can I say, I am totally biased and I hate dealing with problems!

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Digital Learners Webinar for Teachers

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Don’t miss out on any upcoming trainings, webinars, and workshops, click here to subscribe to email updates so you On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 from 2:15 – 3 pm (PST) I will be making a presentation as part of a “Digital Citizenship Webinars for Teachers” series organized by Contra Costa County Office of Education. If you are […]

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Using Technology to Improve Home School Connections

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On Saturday, February 6, 2010 I will be presenting a workshop at the East Bay CUE Cool Tools for Learning VI Conference. East Bay CUE is a professional organization of educators dedicated to supporting the use of technology in education. East Bay CUE is a local Computer Using Educator (CUE) affiliate representing Alameda and Contra […]

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Name Podcast using GarageBand: A Great Back to School Activity

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This simple, yet powerful project allows students to share a little bit about themselves at the beginning of the year. At the same time it allows students to jump into some simple audio recording and editing using GarageBand.

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